Behaviour, Attitude, and Consequences…

Driving your vehicle, whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time, will always present you with moments of opportunity that can positively or negatively effect you or those who you are sharing the road with.

Notice the wording of that phrase – “sharing the road” – how often do you think about the other people who are around you in traffic? Are you watching the car next to you at the traffic light, ferociously trying to get your head start when it turns green? How about that driver that is taking WAY too long at the yield sign?! You may be consciously, or subconsciously thinking about the other drivers and vehicles on the road.

The right frame of mind makes all the difference when operating a motor vehicle, as you must be mindful of how YOUR behaviours and attitude will directly effect those you share the road with. If you are ferociously trying to get your head start at the light, you should give yourself more time to reach your destination. That driver who is pausing for too long at the yield sign can see a convertible that quickly changed lanes.

If you choose to operate a motor vehicle, there are consequences to your actions as a driver. Please remember to be a safe, curtious, and responsible driver on the road as your actions will have real consequences for everyone that you share the road with!

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