Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a course?

You can book on this site, for most of our regularly held courses.


For Specialty Courses reach out to us on the contact page if you require additional information or if you have questions.


Can the general public take your courses?

Yes all courses are available to the public, with the exception of the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC).

What courses do you offer for new drivers?

· Young drivers?

· Newly licensed drivers?

· High rate of incidents?

Improve skills and become better drivers!

We suggest a Defensive Driving Course (DDC) or and Individual Skills Assessment (ISA) as a minimum. To advance their skills significantly enroll them in an Advanced Driver Training (ADT) course.

Do you offer any courses that can reduce my demerits?

My insurance premiums are through the roof! Do you offer any courses that can reduce my demerits?

Yes, our Defensive Driving Course (DDC) provides a 3 demerit reduction upon successful completion for 2 years.

Do you provide Motorcycle courses?

I would like to get my motorcycle licence. Do you provide a course to teach me how to safely ride and the skills required?

Unfortunately, CTEC is not currently offering Motorcycle Riders Courses.

Can you help me become a Professional Truck Driver?

I am looking at becoming a professional truck driver. Do you have any courses that can assist me in improving my skills?

CTEC does not offer training for Class 1 or Class 3 but does teach advanced skills that your basic course did not.

In addition to Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC), CTEC also offers training on trailering, load securement, air brake certification and refreshers and hours of service (log books). See our course listings by clicking below.

I am scheduled to take an Advanced Driver Training (ADT) course. What do I need to bring?

You will require your own vehicle for the track portion of the course. There will be a meal break, please bring your meal or be prepared to purchase one locally. All other course materials are provided.

I need to complete my driving course for the EMR program, do you offer courses?

I am currently taking an EMR course. Do you provide the Emergency Driver Training course I require to complete my certification?

Yes, we are certified to instruct the APDOC course that is approved by the Alberta Collage of Paramedics (ACP).