Classroom + On-Track

1.5-2 Hours: Classroom Presentation
4-5 Hours: On-Track Modules
· Tight Access Manoeuvres
· Emergency Procedures
· Skid Recognition, Correction, and Avoidance
· Hazard Awareness

Course Outcomes:
· Understanding of Vehicle Dynamics
· Understanding of Human Limitations
· Improved Vehicle Handling


Includes a presentation of Advanced Driving techniques, vehicle familiarity, fatigued driving, and safe vehicle handling. Prepares participants for the practical on-track training. Students are assessed with a final written multiple choice test.

Advanced Techniques: Zone Steering, Vehicle Pivot Point, Tire Technologies, Mirror Use, Threshold Braking, and Human and Vehicle Limitations.


Participants manoeuvre the vehicle forwards and backwards through space restricted stations; Serpentine Manoeuvre, Multi-radius Manoeuvre, Parallel Parking, and Garage Parking.

Techniques: Zone Steering, Vehicle Pivot Point, Mirror Use, and Eye Placement.


Participants get an understanding of how to safely manoeuvre a vehicle within the proven human and vehicle limitations. Reduce the stress of handling a vehicle during an emergency situation with; Offset Serpentine Manoeuvres, Sharp Cornering, Quick Lane Change, Ditch Entry Drill, and Decision Maker Manoeuvre.

Advanced Techniques: Zone Steering, Proper Eye Placement, Tire Technologies, Mirror Use, Threshold Braking, and Human and Vehicle Limitations.


The CTEC Skid Platform, also known as the Skid Truck, is like no other Skid Platform in the industry. This one-of-a-kind pickup truck has been outfitted with a pneumatic system in the front and rear. This allows for the simulation of a slippery surface, participants get to feel a realistic skid, and learn to react appropriately.

Advanced Techniques: Zone Steering, Tire Technologies, Eye Placement, and Straight Line Braking and Accelerating.


Also known as the Simulator or SIM module, participants are assessed on critical decision making abilities, identification and prioritization of hazards, and appropriate actions in a realistic state-of-the-art Driving Simulator.

Advanced Techniques: Zone Steering, Adequate Following Distance, Hazard Recognition, Mirror Use, Threshold Braking, and Evasive Actions.